United Notions Film develops and produces thought-provoking films and media.

Our driving force is to create experiential films with challenging ideas that push boundaries, to make sense of a world where we are bombarded by information.

Our films stimulate debate, compel people to form an opinion and inspire them to take a stand. We believe in humanity and the possibility for change to make this world a fairer place.

Founded in 2006 by filmmakers Violeta Ayala and Dan Fallshaw, UNF's first feature film STOLEN premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival 2009, screened at more than 80 film festivals worldwide winning 14 international awards. THE BOLIVIAN CASE premiered as a Special Presentation at Hot Docs 2015, was nominated for the Premios Platinos and Fenix and was distributed to an audience of 600 million across Latin America. COCAINE PRISON premiered at Toronto International Film Festival 2017, was picked up by Amazon and broadcast across the USA on PBS. THE FIGHT was published by The Guardian in 2017, nominated for the IDA Awards and a finalist for The Rory Peck Journalism Awards, won a Walkley Award in Australia among other international awards. PRISON X premiered at Sundance 2021 and went on to show at Cannes XR, among other festivals winning critical aclaim.

The company works with high profile co-production partners from the US, France, Germany, Australia and Norway. United Notions Film is currently producing the feature documentary LA LUCHA and the XR work EL CHOLAVERSO.

We stand by our motto of making films with people, not about people.



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